Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Hippie Mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day! I’ve put together a quick gift guide for the mom who has a little bit of a hippie vibe going on! There are a few items for the gardening mom, a few for the mom who likes to cook, and some just-for-fun and luxurious things too!

  1. A sweet sun dress with boho vibes from Anthropologie:

2. A yoga set in this smoky rose color from Alo:

3. Make her a basket with healthy coffee, like this one from Bulletproof:

4. This timeless Dutch oven that she’ll keep forever: You can also shop this collection on Amazon if you’re pressed for time:

5. A beautiful flower-themed planner from Rifle Paper co:

6. An air-purifying snake plant from

7. This beautiful picnic basket for family outings:

8. This apron would work for the gardener, artist, or crafter mom:

9. These 100 percent cotton, sustainable sheets are like giving the gift of luxury:

10. For the mom who likes to make craft cocktails, get her a gift card for Drizly delivery:

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Top ten Valentine’s gifts for the cook

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’ve got a cooking enthusiast in your house you know a good meal or at least a plate of decorated cookies is coming your way, so how do you reciprocate? With cooking tools and lavish ingredients, of course! Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase them. Happy shopping!

  1. Nothing says “I love you” like Le Creuset. Considered the best of the best in dutch ovens, this pot is a classic and will last forever. Can’t spend quite so much? This one is a great alternative, and is totally gorgeous as well.
  2. Good wine to go with dinner! Avaline is organic, vegan, and made by Cameron Diaz so you can’t go wrong. It can be found locally at Sprouts and a few other natural shops.
  3. Fatworks gift certificate: healthy fat is good for the heart, and Fatworks boasts the heart-healthiest fats there are-ghee, grassfed tallow, duck fat and more. Any cook would love to receive one of these bundles.
  4. Have a kid who loves to cook (or a spouse who loves to cook with the kids)? A KidStir membership is a great way to make sure their Valentine’s Day is memorable. The company ships a kid friendly utensil along with recipe cards (that fit neatly into a notebook). You can even get an apron and mitt if you want.
  5. Pink pans! These are pretty girly but would be gorgeous in the right kitchen. Bonus points if your loved one also has a pink Kitchenaid.
  6. Really you can’t go wrong with anything by Kitchenaid, and this spoon and utensil set is a more budget friendly option.
  7. Cast iron teapot. I may be slightly obsessed with cast iron, but I recently bought one similar to this and LOVE it. It’s cute enough to sit out on the stove top, boils water fast, and is substantial and sturdy. It feels like quality.
  8. What good is a teapot without some gorgeous cups? The kitchen centric among us love a good fancy cup for their everyday hot drink. These are beautiful and come in a set of six, or, for something more utilitarian and modern but equally gorgeous, try these.
  9. What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? The pickiest ingredient connoisseur couldn’t complain about these luscious bars. They are organic, fair trade, vegan, and good.
  10. Every aspiring chef needs an apron (or a dozen of them) to keep their quarantine athleisure free from spills and splatters. This one is beautiful and feminine, and these are more utilitarian while still looking sharp.

Top ten gifts for the cook in your life

We all know that one person who lives in the kitchen and loves creating food. In my house, that person is me! These gift ideas are all under $50, and are all products I own and use (or something very similar) or have personally added to my own Christmas list! Some of these are even stocking-sized.

1. This gift is for the practical cook who follows recipes on a phone or tablet. This tablet holder keeps devices out of foods way. I use a similar one and it keeps my spills and splatters off of my phone.

2. Every cook needs better control on oil use! This Oil spritzer not only functions well but is a pretty addition to the countertop. I have a very similar one and it’s a game changer. Pro tip: if you use cast iron, one spritz from this is exactly enough to season a skillet.

3. Meat thermometer — We use these when grilling and also to check a roast chicken without having to slice it open (ruining the crispy skin!). This is a must have.

4. For the avid pie baker, a French rolling pin is a must. Regular pins bend at the handles when rolling a particularly cold crust, plus, this one is so stylish and stows away easier.

5. It just isn’t soup season without an elegant Enameled Dutch oven. This white one looks crisp and fresh while it evenly cooks your soups, stews, and pot roasts. This one is an oven-to-table classic you’ll keep forever.

6. Every home cook must have a copy of Marcella Hazan’s “The Essentials of Italian Cooking”. This book teaches all the essentials, from pasta to sauce to gelato. This is one of my recipes inspired by this book.

7. This Le Creuset Pepper Mill is beautiful enough to display and functional enough to use for everything. You’ll forego grocery store grinders in favor of bulk peppercorns forever. And if you have any other pieces by Le Creuset, there’s a color to match.

8. A Pastry cutter and biscuit cutter set is a small luxury but a worthwhile one nonetheless. My mother sent me this one when she saw a video of me cutting biscuits with my vintage glassware. It quickly became a staple for crusts, biscuits and cookies. You can even use it to poach or fry a perfect egg.

9. A good chef knife is really the main thing you need in the kitchen. This one (I have a similar one that is out of stock) is surprisingly sharp and heavy for the low price. If you’re not ready to invest in a set of pricier cutlery, this one is a great choice.

10. An immersion blender always seemed like an unnecessary gadget to me, until I finally got one. This is an indispensable tool in our kitchen as it prevents me from having to put hot soup in a stand blender. I also use it for salad dressings, the whisk attachment for cakes and puddings —you name it, this high performer can do it.

Have any suggestions that need to be added to the list! Let me know by emailing me at These are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase while browsing. I only post items I have personal knowledge of and think will help my readers in their cooking journeys!